"Cosynd is the first platform to make documenting crucial ownership data and filing copyright registrations a breeze for creators of all types of content – music, videos, imagery, and literature."

Cosynd Pro is a set of integrated, intuitive tools for the creative community that legally protects copyrights and reduces expenses. We’re empowering businesses to:

Automate Your Legal Workflow

Increasing workloads and shrinking budgets are leading companies to find new ways to meet the demands of their clients, generate more revenue, and scale faster. Empower your legal team with Cosynd Pro - a set of collaborative tools that enhance the speed of workflow without sacrificing quality. With Cosynd Pro, you have access to a standard suite of copyright related agreements that you can initiate via a collaborative deal room. Need further customization? Cosynd Pro can help you automate any of your own common legal documents too.

  • Create agreements between any parties faster than ever before.

  • Maintain your own standard of quality by using your own templates.

  • Collect, verify, and store key copyright ownership data from anyone.

  • Collaboratively negotiate, review, and redline agreements with all parties (including attorneys).

  • Finalize, eSign and store your agreements.

  • Collect data from anyone and automatically insert it into your common agreements and/or use Cosynd Pro internally as a private contract management tool.

Collect & Register Copyright Ownership Data

Companies seeking to resolve matters of ownership and infringement cannot file lawsuits unless they have registered with the U.S. Copyright Office. Cosynd Pro is the easiest and most affordable solution to file your copyright applications on your behalf. We’ll review your application and work with you to resolve any issues that may occur during the filing process too.

  • You MUST register first before you can file an infringement suit.

  • Registering entitles you to collect damages up to $150,000 per infringement for each copyright.

  • You may be eligible to collect statutory damages and attorney’s fees from litigation.

  • There is a public record of your ownership.

  • You receive a certificate as physical proof of your registration.

  • Cosynd will review your application and work with you to resolve any issues that may occur during the filing process..

Simply publishing or mailing yourself a copy of your work will not entitle you any of the rights above including the right to file a copyright infringement suit or collect minimum damages.

Why Cosynd Pro?

Create faster

Cosynd helps you to quickly deal with the administrative tasks so that you can get back to creating. You can propose the addition of new works to your existing agreements in less than 5 minutes, eliminating the need to create new agreements or schedules each time you create something with your team.

Invite your attorneys

You and your collaborators can invite your attorneys to review your agreement and edit it directly within Cosynd. Don't have an attorney, but want to use one? Our partners can help you find qualified, vetted attorney at discounted rates.

Negotiate better

Eliminate the need for excessive emails, meetings, and calls by centralizing negotiations on Cosynd. Easily propose terms, keep track of changes, chat online, and archive your discussions for future reference. Keep everyone on the same page by collaboratively verifying ownership and agreement terms.


All of your collaborators can digitally sign your agreements and store them on Cosynd. We'll keep your agreements safe should you ever need to access them again.