Copyright Agreements

Collaboratively create, negotiate, and sign agreements to get everyone on the same page.

Art is collaborative by nature.

Sometimes the best ideas come from working with someone else. Make sure that all of your collaborators are on the same page by establishing ownership and outlining important details so that you can avoid costly misunderstandings in the future.

Why do I need written agreements with my collaborators?

If you plan to sell, license, or otherwise monetize your content, protecting your intellectual property is the most important and critical step that you can take.

Save Big

Establishing and protecting ownership of your content now can save you time, money and the frustration of content-related issues in the future. (e.g. lawsuits, arguments, loss of income, etc.)

Claim Your Slice

Without an agreement in place, each of your collaborators by default will own an equal share of the content you create together, regardless of how minor or major their contribution is.

Authorized to License

When you want to sell or license your content via a third party partner, you will likely need to disclose the owners of the content and their respective shares.

Operate Independently

You may need to obtain permission from your collaborators to enter into an agreement with third parties. This is easier to do when you have agreements that establish ownership beforehand.

A copyright agreement

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What types of content can I protect with an agreement?

Create, negotiate, redline, and sign vital agreements to control how your content is used.

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Compositions (written lyrics and arrangement) and sound recordings.


Individual videos (a film, YouTube video etc.) and collections of videos (a web series, YouTube channel videos, vlogs, etc.).


Individual images (a photograph, an illustration, a design etc.) and collections of images.


Literary works (poetry, fiction, nonfiction, manuscripts, articles, theses, copy, etc.) and dramatic works (screenplays, plays, scripts, etc.).

What types of agreements can I create on Cosynd?

Split Sheet Agreement

Simple one page agreements that can outline ownership of all of your content.

Work For Hire Agreement

Outline ownership, scope, and terms of the work to be completed when working with an independent contractor.

Collaboration Agreement

Outline ownership and establish important details such as who is permitted to license your work, who may use your name/likeness, how disputes are handled, indemnification, & more.

Producer Agreement

Outlines the scope, terms of work, and ownership details between you and a producer regarding the production of a song.

Why use Cosynd?

Control how your content is used and get your collaborators on the same page about what they own and can (or cannot) do with your content.

With Cosynd, you can efficiently create, negotiate, redline, and execute a standard suite of copyright-related agreements — all in one place.

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Create customized agreements by answering a few simple questions.

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Outline ownership and prevent false claims on your copyrights.

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Control who can license your copyrights, use your name, image, brand, and more.

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Create unlimited agreements and save thousands in legal fees.

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Add new titles to your agreements at any time.

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Invite your attorney to review or edit your Cosynd agreements (optional).

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Eliminate the need to manage or consolidate different versions of agreements by allowing your collaborators to provide feedback directly within Cosynd.

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Finalize, e-sign and store your agreements, all in one place.

Copyright agreements, simplified in four simple steps.

Get your collaborators on the same page about what they own and can (or cannot) do with your content.

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  • Document ownership of every type of content: Music, videos, visual art, and literature. 
  • Add more content anytime: Manage less paperwork by adding more content to your existing Cosynd agreements.
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Legal workflow automation

Helping businesses protect their assets and reduce their expenses.

In addition to the agreements listed here, Cosynd empowers legal and business affairs teams to close deals faster with tools that enhance their workflow without sacrificing quality.

With Cosynd, you can create, negotiate, redline, and e-sign a suite of commonly used copyright related agreements on behalf of the creators that you work with. You can also decide what parts of your agreements can be altered by whom and swap out deal terms instantly.

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