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CD Baby
Copyright Alliance
Disc Makers
Music Managers Forum
Music Business Association
Repost by SoundCloud
Songwriters of North America
Sound Royalties
VEVA Collect
Women in Music

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Copyright tools to protect your community.

Provide affordable legal protection to your community with Cosynd's seamless registration process by adding a simple button to your dashboard or adding a link on your website, newsletter, or social media that will send them directly to a customized co-branded welcome page. We'll do the rest from there!

An Added Value Proposition

Offer your clients discounted access to Cosynd's services, including registration with the U.S. Copyright Office.

Real Tools for Their Wheelhouse

Provide your clients with access to a suite of automated custom copyright agreements to establish control of their content.

Learning Resources Made Bite-sized

Diversify your educational content by sharing timely resources on copyrights and ever-changing copyright laws.

Custom solutions

API Integration

Cosynd's Registration API is a powerful tool for businesses to provide a valuable service to their clients while also generating meaningful revenue with virtually no additional effort.

Integrating the Cosynd API will allow your clients to complete the critical task of registering with the U.S. Copyright Office directly within your platform.

Cosynd for Business

Helping companies protect their assets and reduce their expenses too.

Cosynd empowers legal and business affairs teams to close deals faster with tools that enhance their workflow without sacrificing quality.

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Automate custom legal documents

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Audit and execute catalog registrations


Manage ownership changes for newly acquired assets

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