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Create vital customized legal documents and register with the U.S. Copyright Office for nearly 80% less than similar services. 

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Cosynd simplifies two essential legal actions for you:

Cosynd automates these processes faster than ever before so that you can get back to business.

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Filing Copyright Registrations

Register your works with the U.S. Copyright Office for global protection. Registration is now mandatory before filing a lawsuit and can grant you $150,000 per infringement when you file before your content is misused or stolen.

Creating Copyright Agreements

Build, negotiate, redline, and sign vital agreements to control how your content is used. Get your collaborators on the same page about what they own and can (or cannot) do with your content.

Copyright registration

You could be entitled to $150,000+ if you register with the U.S. Copyright Office


Do I Need To Register With The U.S. Copyright Office?

Registration is a critical step to protecting yourself. You can't file a lawsuit unless you have registered with the Copyright Office first, according to updated regulations. Early registration can grant you a large payout – up to $150,000 per infringement PLUS your legal fees, but only if you register before your music is stolen or misused.


What About Mailing My Work to Myself, Affidavit, or Other Registration Databases?

No, these are not substitutes for registering with the U.S. Copyright Office. Some of these services claim to register your music in their private database, but do not actually register with the U.S. Copyright Office. These services do not give you the right to file lawsuits or the same financial benefits as a USCO registration.


When Should I Register With The U.S. Copyright Office?

Registration is similar to having insurance on your music. The earlier you do it, the better off you are - You're only eligible to receive $150,000 plus attorney fees if you complete the registration process before your music is stolen or misused. Completion can take 3-9 months, so don't wait.


What Will It Cost?

You can protect your music, videos, images, and more in minutes for a discounted price of $25 per registration application (plus federal filing fees) - that's 80% less than similar services.

Establish ownership

Get everyone on the same page —collaboratively build, negotiate, and sign your agreements.


Protect Your Work

If you plan to sell, license or otherwise monetize your content, protecting your intellectual property is the most important and critical step that you can take - especially if you’re working with collaborators.


Document Your Contribution

Without an agreement in place, each of your collaborators by default will own an equal share of the content you create together regardless of how minor or major their contribution is.


Plan For the Future

Establishing and protecting ownership of your content now can save you time, money and the frustration of content-related issues (e.g. lawsuits, arguments, loss of income, etc.) in the future.


Find An Agreement For You

You can guard against this by using Cosynd to create split sheets, collaboration agreements, work for hire agreements, and producer agreements with your collaborators or legal advisors.

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Affordable levels of protection to fit everyone's budget.

If you create content more than once a year, work with different collaborators, or need different types of legal documents, subscribing saves you the most amount of time and money. Plus, subscribers can add new content to their legal documents at any time.

Copyright Agreement


Per Agreement

Build, negotiate, redline, and e-sign various copyright agreements with your collaborators using Cosynd's unique step-by-step process.

Copyright Registration


Per Registration — that's 80% less than similar services

File your copyrights with our support from preparation, review, & e-filing, to handling of correspondence with the U.S. Copyright Office.

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Split Sheet



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Quickly create unlimited copyright split sheets to document ownership percentages with your collaborators, for all of your content.

Split sheets are simple one page agreements that can cover ownership of all of your content (music, videos, images, literature). Split sheets do not cover what your collaborators can (or can't) do with your content.

Why use Cosynd?

Cosynd is the fastest and most affordable way for you to protect yourself and your copyrights.

Our service includes the preparation, review, e-filing, and handling of correspondence with the U.S. Copyright Office until you receive your certificates of registration.

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Save Time & Money

In minutes, you can complete registration applications for at least 80% less than what other services may charge. Beyond copyright registration, you can create, negotiate, redline, and e-sign customized legal documents with all of your collaborators.

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Error Proof

The U.S. Copyright Office does not offer refunds on misfiled applications and charges an additional $100 to correct errors on existing registrations. We streamline the process and error-proof your applications so you can avoid making expensive mistakes.


Reliable Service

Cosynd's intuitive copyright tools and services are used in 120+ countries by thousands of people and trusted by the leading services in our industry to legally protect copyrights and reduce expenses.